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PPC means pay per click services are the saviour for marketers today. The web is all over the globe and yet the best place to grow your business. One-touch digital solution has brought you affordable PPC services. Whenever a customer would click on the ad, you will make money. Your business ad will reach qualified customers who might be interested in your business.

This service will provide you with the platform by which you can make your business reach the targeted audience. One-touch digital solution has Google as well as social ads to satisfy your business needs. From e-commerce to branding and lead generation, all available in one roof.

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Searching Advertising

Also known as Paid Search, SEM, PPC. If you struggle to manage your funds, then One-touch digital solution can help you with that. BAK AKA Biding, Ads, Keywords are all factors that can improve your advertising on a low budget as well. This service is capable of reducing your cost per customer acquisition and increase your revenue.

Display Advertising

This is the most appealing service and attracts customers very much. Ads appear on the screen of the customer while they surf the internet. This helps in brand awareness, lead generation, E-commerce sales and app installations. Display advertising makes it easy to retarget the interested audience also at the same time, it is a measurable service.

Social Media Advertising

: Social media a powerful tool to target a large audience at a time. Media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc are a great way to reach and grow your business. This helps in remarketing, increasing leads and sales and targeting users based on concerns.


If a customer visits your website, then ads are shown later to the users. It softly persuades the customers and triggers their interest again. Remarketing ads are generally shown on Google, Facebook and on the third-party ad channels like Retargeter.

Google Shopping Ads

Generally Termed as Google PLA Ads. This service is more observational and needs attention. Experts at One-touch digital solutions will help e-commerce make your product reach the top searches on google.

Mobile Advertising

Everyone has a smartphone these days. Mobile advertising is the most prominent way to target audience in masses. It attracts customers and tests different channels also various browsers and advertisement networks for the highest ROI.

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